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Now there is a
Professional and Logical
solution to that consistently asked question…

“How and why did this crash happen?”

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Our Mission Statement

To assist the legal community by providing opinions as a non-advocacy based entity using concise and professional analysis of crash facts through which the TRUTH of the event causation can be facilitated.

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Company Profile

Impact Reconstruction Consultants offers a wide range of services in the field of Crash Reconstruction.  David Benn and Jeff Grey are nationally recognized experts in Crash Reconstruction.  Combined, we have over 70 years of at-scene, hands-on Crash Investigation and Reconstruction experience to offer your firm.

Our experience and training is enhanced from having handled, collectively,
over 2000 serious bodily injury and fatal motor vehicle crashes.  We have also obtained valuable experience by collectively attending over 550 post-mortem examinations of victims.
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We are Licensed Private Detectives in the State of New Jersey and are able to assist your firm in the early stages of information and evidence gathering prior to the Crash Reconstruction phase of your case.

See our Story in the Philadelphia Inquirer  (99kb)

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